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Use this handy section to order decorative concrete products for resale

Pacific Concrete Images

Pacific Formliner

Pacific Formliner is a flexible, reusable, durable concrete form for poured-in-place wall caps, pool copings, stairs, and countertops. The architectural profiles created using Pacific Formliner add to the overall beauty of any project. These forms are designed to meet the needs of the professional decorative concrete contractor to achieve award-wining results year after year. Sixteen standard profiles with matching finishing tools are available in flexible reusable PFL and rigid EPS. Custom profiles can be made to order.
For the Reseller:

  • Conforms easily to curvatures in the formwork down to as small as 6-inch radii, creating shapes and profiles more pleasing to the eye
  • Average life span of eight to 10 uses, creating more value and profit for the installer.
  • Custom shapes available at a minimal charge.
  • Unlimited applications make it suitable for municipal, industrial, commercial and residential uses where a cast-in-place decorative edge is required.

Contact: Cameron Morgan, (949) 581-0270 or

Kingdom Products

Micro Granulated Pigment

Premium-quality iron oxide pigment comes in easy-to-handle, disintegrating bags that rapidly dissolve into any concrete or masonry. The colors are vibrant and consistent.
For the Reseller:    

  • Custom blending and packaging available.
  • No special temperature control needed. It will not freeze.
  • Better profit margins than dealing with liquid pigments.
  • Easy to stock, takes up little space.
  • Packaging is stackable so it is easy to view your inventory.

Contact: Kingdom Products Sales, (570) 489-6025

Franmar Chemical


Made with 100 percent American-grown soybeans, SOY Gel provides a better, greener way to remove paints, urethanes, acrylics, epoxies and enamels without the backbreaking work of sanding and chiseling. With three times the coverage of most traditional strippers, the easy application takes only minutes to lift multiple layers of material, making it a real time-saver. No odor or VOC issues to contend with makes SOY Gel a user-friendly product.
For the Reseller:

  • Made from soybeans, it has virtually no odor and will not burn the skin.
  • Works on vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • Above average turns in a retail store.
  • Add-on products available to sell with SOY Gel.

Contact: Jason Davenport, (800) 538-5069

Super-Krete International Inc.

Super-Krete Liquid Dye

Super-Krete Liquid Dye is a translucent, UV-stable dye formulated for interior and exterior use. It is designed to mix with certain solvents to penetrate cementitious surfaces to create unique, multicolored translucent color schemes that (unlike paints) will not crack, chip or peel. Liquid Dye is available in 20 standard colors, though an extensive color palette can be achieved by combining colors to form an endless array on the job site. Liquid Dye is the product of choice for same-day stain-and-seal installations where time is critical and yields exceptional results.
For the Reseller:

  • A profitable and competitive edge enhancing tired, worn exterior concrete.
  • An option that is quicker than most color redo applications such as water-based staining or acid staining.
  • Predictable results with one third of the labor time required.

Contact: Tracey Lackovich, (800) 995-1716 or

Racatac Concrete

Racatac with Chest Support

Ideal for the concrete contractor, this clever tool will keep you comfortably in a kneeling position with your knees and back completely supported, your weight evenly distributed and the ability to maneuver by moving your feet. There are two models — both models include the fully adjustable chest support that connects and disconnects in seconds. Made of very comfortable dual-density foam, both the seat and chest supports adjust at different angles and different heights.
For the Reseller:

  • Comfortable contractors make happy customers.

Contact: Racatac Sales, (877) 722-2822


Drain Jig

The Drain Jig is a versatile tool to hold pipes firmly in place for strip or square drains to ensure a solid leak-free connection. This jig can also hold fiber optics in place and act as an armature to allow secure and deliberate locations of the optics exiting your project piece. It is constructed of strong 6061 aluminum angle and tube. The clamping mechanism is contained within the square tube housing keeping all moving parts safe from overspray. Easy positioning is facilitated with four prong ergonomic adjustment knobs. Simple construction and limited moving parts still allow for multiple uses.
For the Reseller:

  • When the jig is used as a rental item for custom sinks, the reseller will sell a drain plate each time they cast a sink.

Contact: Jeff Kudrick, (973) 668-5580 or

Preval Spray Guns

vFan Portable Airbrush

The siphon-fed, dual-action stainless steel and brass vFan airbrush delivers professional results with a silent pressurized can compressor that fits in your pocket. Every bit a hybrid airbrush system, the vFan Airbrush works with 150 Feet of ENERGY pocket compressors, the Energy Dispersal Unit and most electric compressors. The award-winning vFan Airbrush is a portable painting workhorse that uses all paints and coatings and sprays from a 1/16-inch detailed line to a 3-inch fan with total consistency and almost no overspray.
For the Reseller:

  • Award-winning two-part packaging shelves easily or opens to a countertop display.
  • Price-point advantage over other professional systems that require compressors selling for $300 plus — USA made vFan is a mere $169.

Contact: Sam Averbach, (877) 753-0021 or

Tom Ralston Concrete

Lumi Lumi

Lumi Lumi aggregate provides safety and functionality on patios, surfaces, in pools and virtually anywhere you want lit without electricity. Just 10 minutes of sun per day is needed. Step Lumi Louvers are used primarily for stairs but can also be used on walls. They are 8 inches by 2 1/2 inches and are made of nonrusting heavy-gauge stainless steel. The Louvers come with sleeves attached so that the louvers can be screwed into concrete or wood. Marine-grade epoxy may also be used to fasten the Lumi Louvers to materials like metal or stucco. Lumi Rounds are 5-inch diameter pieces that can be fastened onto posts or stumps or epoxied onto large rocks, wood, concrete, metal and more. Lumi Buttons are 1 1/16-inch rounds that are typically set flush into the treads of concrete to mark the top edge of a step. The small rounds are epoxied into predrilled holes either in wood or concrete. Lumi Lumi also comes in an array of revolutionary handcrafted products that are used in gardens as ornamental art.
For the Reseller:

  • Stunning results for minimal cost.

Contact: Tom Ralston, (831) 426-0342

Concrete Polishing HQ

S Series

New features of the LAVINA S Series include forced belt-driven planetary movement. New U-Joint technology features an additional axis that provides added flexibility, allowing the entire base to move and “float” in any direction over the floor. New floating heads hold QuickChange tools, enabling tools to be mounted directly to the heads without additional plates. Other features include new security plate locks, an upgraded belt tensioner, a belt inspection cover, a new belt-replacing tool, and a new water-spraying system that allows the operator to choose between internal spraying (beneath the machine) or spraying directly in front of the machine. Providing more than a mist, each sprayer offers ample water for wet grinding and polishing. A water filter and a light remind operators when the pump is in the “on” position (to avoid damaging the pump). A new power cable attachment connects to the top of the machine near the handle, so the operator can easily remove the plug and cable, and the light is now hardwired.

For the Reseller:

  • Ideal solution for big-box retail projects.
  • Low-profile base reaches beneath cabinets and shelving.
  • Three heads and 30 inches of working area maximize square footage efficiency.
  • Also available in a 25-inch model, with 9-inch heads and without the low-profile base.

Contact: Joe Ayala, (888) 799-2747

Kingdom Products

Kingdom Cure Black Label

Kingdom Cure Black Label is a premium slow-drying solvent-based curing and sealing compound designed for interior or exterior concrete where a cure-and-seal with high vapor permeability and reduced water absorption is specified. Unlike Kingdom Cure, Kingdom Cure Black Label is made with solvents that allow the sealer to cure slower and perform better at higher temperatures. Other benefits include water repellency and dusting and spalling prevention while allowing the surface to breathe. It also resists mold, mildew and fungus. The dried, cured film is food-safe, USDA accepted and meets standards for ASTM-C309 Type 1 Class B/ASTM C-1315 Type 1, Class A.
For the Reseller:

  • Can be used as a means of dustproofing most concrete surfaces.
  • Low-viscosity formula makes it very easy to spray.
  • Formulated with ease of use in mind, it sprays or rolls out smooth with no roller streaks.
  • Ease of use, UV resistance, medium gloss and low cost make this a contractor favorite.

Contact: Kingdom Products Sales, (570) 489-6025

Shave Away, Europe

Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck

The Dust Muzzle Ultra Leatherneck is an extremely durable, easy-to-install universal dust collector designed with the floor installer in mind. With its extreme vertical flexibility it can accommodate 7-inch discs as thin as the silica carbide Zec wheels or the very deep diamond cup wheels. It can also adapt the 8-inch soft pad sanding discs and backup pads, and it uses the same completely universal neck design as the high-density polypropylene Dust Muzzle Ultra so the operator can attach it to any grinder with any depth of wheel. Its 1 1/2-inch exhaust port swivels more than 180 degrees and makes the Leatherneck excellent for picking up the large debris created when grinding thin-set, wood floors or heavy paints and glues.
For the Reseller:

  • Fits virtually all 7-to-8-inch electric right angle grinders with round bearing housings.
  • Excellent for diamond cup wheels, Zec wheels and thin backup pads.
  • Works well with sanding discs and soft pad sanders.
  • Up to 95 percent efficient when used with a 2-horsepower industrial vacuum system.
  • Replacement parts available.

Contact: John Buser, (877) 223-2154 or

Proline Concrete Tools

Edge Liner Formliners

Flexible and reusable, Edge Liner transfers texture to edges, corners and risers of already cast-in-place steps, countertops, pool copings and wall caps. Made of high quality and lightweight polyurethane for extreme durability the liners come in a variety of lifelike natural stone textures. Denali Texture is available in three profiles: flat, hammered and bullnose. Unique to the industry, Proline’s Edge Liners are designed to fit form lumber.
For the Reseller:

  • Easy to display and store.
  • Much better price points than others of its class.

Contact: Tyler Irwin, (800) 795-4750

NewLook International Inc.


Restore, decorate and revitalize concrete and masonry floors using NewLook’s SmartColor, a premium water-based nanoacrylic stain. Formulated with advanced nanotechnology, SmartColor offers efficient penetration and tenacious adhesion to a variety of porous substrates. It is water-submersible and alkali-, weather- and UV light-resistant. The environmentally friendly formula is the safe, user-friendly alternative to hazardous and unreliable solvent- or acid-based stains. SmartColor stains require a topcoat and are compatible with solvent-based, water-based, single- and two-component products, including but not limited to acrylics, epoxies and urethane sealers.
For the Reseller:

  • A semi-opaque finish. Increase dilution to achieve desired transparency.
  • Single-component solution is easy to mix and install.
  • Advanced nanoacrylic formula yields efficient penetration and tenacious adhesion.
  • Weather- and UV-resistant, so suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
  • Low-odor. No respirators required.
  • Complies with all environmental regulations (e.g. VOCs are less than 100 g/L)

Contact: Jacob Webb, (801) 886-9495 or

Benner-Nawman Inc.

BNMG-6100 Mixing Stand

The BNMG-6100 Mixing Stand (to be used with the BNR-6400 Power Mixer) has a spring counterweight system for ease of operation and industrial casters for easy accessibility and movability on the job site. This mixer stand can move forward, back, up and down for stress-free mixing whether in a 5-gallon pail or a wheelbarrow — it’s certain to reach all angles of any container. The stand can lock into position for continuous mixing and folds into a 2-by-5-foot position for easy storage and portability. A ramp can be purchased to further enhance a seamless experience.
For the Reseller:

  • Potential for a three-product purchase — mixer, stand and ramp.
  • Minimal storage space required.

Contact: Mel Kientz, (800) 992-3833 or

Boride Engineered Abrasives

Easy Edge

The Easy Edge grinding pad is made with Blue Star Diamond Technology, which is a revolutionary design that improves the quality of edge work while reducing the scratches and gouging that metal bond cup wheels can cause. The Easy Edge system will eliminate metal bond cup wheels on most concrete polishing projects; it is fast, lightweight and easy to use resulting in a superior edge.
For the Reseller:

  • Contractors will ask for it by name

Contact: Mark Listerman, (800) 662-0336