Product Profile: Ambient Glow Technology from Universal One Corp.

The line of high-performance photoluminescent aggregates called Ambient Glow Technology has a lot to recommend it.

Product Profile 2Created by Toronto-based Universal One Corp., AGT is sold as either sand or stone aggregate and can be applied in a number of ways. The sand, which comes in two grades, can be broadcast directly over the surface or mixed into a finish coat to produce a photoluminescent appearance. The stone aggregate is available in sizes of 8 mm or 12 mm and can be used in a wide variety of poured, precast or cast-in-place surfaces.

Universal One president Peter Tomé says clients have used AGT products in projects ranging from concrete countertops and floors to patios and pool surrounds, achieving very striking results.
"Contractors out there are looking for something new to position with their potential clients," says Tomé. And AGT can certainly give them that.

These light-energized aggregates needs only brief exposure to a light source (any light source) to produce a steady glow for hours thereafter. Specific times and light outputs depend, of course, on the strength of the light source and the type and concentration of AGT aggregate used. In any case, Tomé says, AGT used in an outdoor placement can glow all night powered only by the day's exposure to the sun.

These "energized surfaces" are not only a creative way to bring light into a project, but they're also very eco-friendly. The patented aggregate is nontoxic and emits zero VOCs. This is a side of the product that Tomé is very excited about.

AGT can make a positive contribution to a project's LEED performance. "Our product is sustainable, eco-friendly and LEED-friendly," Tomé says.

The aggregates effectively reduce levels of light pollution and energy consumption. Tomé's favorite example is an outdoor landscaping project. "If you have your outdoor lights on for eight hours, at 60 minutes an hour that's 480 minutes of electricity," he says. "With AGT's energized surfaces, you can have those same landscape lights on timers set to go on for 10 minutes every hour — that's 84 percent less electricity used."
Providing not only a "passive light source" option for the eco-conscious consumer, but also an array of decorative effects for contractors, AGT's product line is full-featured. It takes photoluminescent concrete projects to the next level.

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