Tools of the Trade: Grinders

Blastrac - Diamatic BMGP-600-R
Blastrac has integrated its recently developed POD (Point of Development) Technology into a new high-performance grinding and polishing machine ­— the Diamatic BMGP-600-R.

The Diamatic BMGP-600-R features a proprietary 208/220-volt, 7.5-horsepower single-phase motor. The motor delivers a tooling speed of 400 rpm. Dust extraction occurs through a 3-inch hose connection, with secondary ports that can be employed for heavy coating removal.

Blastrac's POD Technology collects the dust and debris through the tool, cooling the diamond and polishing heads in the process. Benefits include a cleaner work path with increased visibility of the work surface, extended tool life of resins and diamonds, and a decrease in cleanup time.


Concrete Polishing Solutions - CPS G-320D
Concrete Polishing Solutions (CPS) has introduced the CPS G-320D as part of its new Extreme Series.
CPS has revisited their G-320 and G320 XT floor grinders and discovered a way to combine the power and ease of use from both in order to create a new grinding machine. The G-320D offers a 20-horsepower motor, increased torque and moveable head weight. The new slip clutch further improves the machine's durability and simplifies the replacement process when maintenance is needed.

A similar version, the CPS G-320D Pro, runs on propane.

CS Unitec - EBS 180
CS Unitec's 7-inch EBS 180 walk-behind concrete floor grinder prepares rough concrete and floors for the application of new coatings. It can be used to remove epoxy, glue, paint and other hard coating materials.

The EBS 180 concrete floor grinder is compact and lightweight, weighing only 21 pounds, including the attached control handle. This grinder's 22-amp high-performance motor is located above the diamond wheel, away from dust and debris, to extend the life of the grinder. The unit has a load speed of 6,000 rpm. The brush shield allows the user to adjust the height of the grinder to protect the unit from surface dust, dirt and stones.

Electronic features on the EBS 180 include soft start, temperature control, over-current cutoff and constant speed. A dust extraction port allows the tool to be connected to industrial wet/dry vacuums.
Diamond grinding wheels are available for both coated and uncoated concrete.

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Husqvarna Construction Products - PG 820 and PG 680
In the wake of its acquisition of King Concepts, Husqvarna Construction Products has introduced new surface preparation and finishing machines — the Husqvarna PG 820 and PG 680.
The PG 820 is the largest in the range of surface preparation and finishing machines, and is equipped with dual-drive technology.

The PG 680 is an excellent choice for large and small jobs, particularly commercial projects. Smaller in size than the PG 820, the PG 680 is renowned for its maneuverability, efficiency and ease of use without sacrificing power and output.

Features of the PG 820 and PG 680 include a triple-headed grinder for a range of applications, full independent control of planetary and satellite grinding heads for speed and direction of rotation, and a wide grinding path.

Both models use Redi Lock technology, an economical diamond replacement system, and the DC 5500 vacuum, a unit for both wet and dry applications.

Leitch & Co. - DS 301
The DS 301 is a planetary powered tool designed to produce flat, swirl free finishes on countertops and floors

Its 12-inch platform turns at a lower rate than the higher rotational speed of the 5-inch platens. This creates the optimal speed for diamond polishing, and helps to create a perfect finish 5 times faster than a single head polisher.

It also has an integral coolant feed for wet working and an optional dust cowl for dry abrasive systems.

Leitch & Co. - DS 610
The DS 610 planetary surface machine from Intertool, a division of Leitch & Co., has many of the same features as the DS 605, but has been redesigned and features a new heavy-duty transmission.

The machine has a 24-inch grinding width with six 5-inch planets on two 12-inch platforms. A 10-horsepower motor controller operates on 230 volts of single-phase power for working ease in any situation.

The DS 610 offers up to 3,000 rpm for optimum diamond performance and life. It will grind within 1/4 inch of a wall and may be fitted with heavy sintered diamond grinding wheels for rough work.