Key Sundries: Items that make concrete work easier

Diamond Abrasives

CONTRx Systems – Dual-Disc Concrete Polisher
Product overview: Equipment Development Company Inc. offers the CONTRx Systems Dual-Disc Concrete Polisher. The 2DP system operates on unique counterrotating, flex-head disc assemblies, making it easy for anyone to handle as it glides across the concrete surface.

Why contractors need it: This polisher features a 5-horsepower, 230-volt Baldor TFC motor. It has four 40-pound removable weights and a 23-inch working width. Flip-up and wide "T" handle assemblies allow for easy operator control.

For the store owner: As part of the CONTRx System, the Dual-Disc Concrete Polisher also comes with a how-to guide, densifier, diamond accessories and applications kit.

(800) 638-3326

Diamond Tec Inc - Metal-X Diamond Polish Pad
Product overview: The new Metal-X Diamond Polish Pad from Diamond Tec Inc. delivers more aggressive grinding and polishing action while significantly promoting longer pad life. This product is available in whole sizes of 3 inches to 7 inches, and it's available in 30 grit, 50 grit, 80 grit, 150 grit and 300 grit.

Why contractors need it: These pads have unique advantages over common resin polish-pad technology when used for surface preparation. They are metal-bonded, making them more durable than their resin counterparts, and they are able to effectively grind up to 30 percent faster than a resin-bonded pad. In addition, the Metal-X Diamond Polish Pad is able to grind and polish simultaneously.

For the store owner: The Metal-X Diamond Polish Pad retails for $49. Tabletop and free standing displays for the line are available, as are bilingual displays.

(800) 211-0665

Superabrasive Inc. - V-Harr System for Polishing and Restoring
Product overview: The V-Harr System for Polishing and Restoring from Superabrasive Inc. is ideal for concrete and natural stone floors. It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 3 inches to 27 inches. V-Harr is part of Superabrasive's family of polishing pads, which includes Nato, T-Bone and ShinePro.

Why contractors need it: Advantages of using V-Harr include a natural wool flexible backer with excellent scrubbing, cleaning and polishing qualities. Numerous large resin segments with a high concentration of diamonds ensure outstanding results and a long tool life. The system's spiral movement enables efficient waste disposal and guarantees clean contact between the diamonds and the floor.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price starts at $19.93 per piece. A total of 15 sizes are available.

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