Key Sundries: Caulking Guns


Caulking Guns Cox North America Inc. - Battery-powered caulk gun
Cox North America Inc. recently upgraded its high-force, 14.4-volt, battery-powered caulk guns.Available in several models, these caulk guns offer strong, rigid construction for efficient and reliable operation, are designed for dispensing low- to high-viscosity materials, and weigh between 6.1 and 6.6 pounds.

For the contractor: Battery life lasts up to 100 10-ounce cartridges per charge, and the charge time is only one hour. A 10-ounce tube can be dispensed in less than one minute.

For the store owner: Available sizes include 10-ounce and 29-ounce cartridges, 10-ounce and 20-ounce sausages, and 20-ounce bulk. Suggested retail price is $300 to $400, depending on the model.

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Hyde - Heavy Duty Professional Caulk Gun
The Heavy Duty Professional Caulk Gun from Hyde is built to stand up to a tough day in the field. It has a rugged ratchet rod design with a heavy-duty chrome-plated steel frame that resists corrosion. It also features a quick-release thumb lever and a contoured squeeze trigger for maximum leverage.

For the contractor: The 9-inch, 10-ounce gun is outfitted with a built-in spout cutter, heavy-duty seal puncture tool, ladder hook and wrist strap. It is rated to withstand a minimum test force of 200 pounds for professional use.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price is $8.07.

Newborn Brothers Co. Inc. - Gator Trigger Series
The Gator Trigger Series from Newborn Brothers Co. Inc. features 11 different models of sturdy caulk guns, which are steel with a patented dual-component comfort grip. The caulking gun series consists of a ratchet model available in both 10-ounce and 29-ounce sizes, a parallel frame model, a drip-free model in cradle frame and parallel frame versions, an industrial-grade revolving-barrel model, an industrial-grade ratchet, an industrial-grade hex rod model, and a bulk loader in three sizes.

For the contractor: The ergonomic Gator Trigger comfort grip reduces hand fatigue and prevents pinching. In addition, the caulking gun handle does not get too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

For the store owner: Suggested retail prices ranges from $11.99 to $65.