Tools of the Trade: Finishing Tools

Hyde - Squeegee Knockdown Knives
Hyde Squeegee Knockdown Knives are surface-finishing tools that combine sturdy construction with a comfortable, ergonomicgrip.

These lightweight knockdown knives have flexible, squeegee-type blades that remove water and stain buildup. Use the knockdown knife to skim-coat and to texture concrete architectural finishes or bonding agents.

For the contractor: The threaded soft-grip handle can be used with or without an extension, and each Hyde Squeegee Knockdown Knife comes with a blade protector for safe storage.

For the store owner: Hyde Squeegee Knockdown Knives come in widths of 12 inches or 22 inches and with two knives in each shelf pack. The 12-inch model retails for $22.10, and the suggested retail price for the 22-inch model is $29.23.

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Marion Brush Mfg. Co. - Auto Glide Kit andChameleon Kit
Marion Brush Mfg. Co.'s Auto Glide and Chameleon finishing brush kits each come with three brush inserts (soft, medium and stiff), a complete brush assembly to be used with 3/4-inch Acme threaded telescopic or snap-on handles or 3/4-inch Acme threaded bull-float handles, and a heavy-duty carry case.

The Auto Glide automatically tilts on both push and pull passes across the slab. It is available in 2-foot, 3-foot and 4-foot widths. With the Chameleon you can adjust the push and pull angle with the adjusting collars on the multiuse adapter. The Chameleon is available in 4-foot, 6-foot and 8-foot widths. Custom sizes are available for both kits.

For the contractor: With five color-coded brush inserts available, contractors can choose the right stiffness to meet their needs. According to Marion Brush, contractors have indicated a need for a sturdy carry case to protect concrete finishing brushes while they are stored on work trucks. When brushes come with cases, they have a home to be storedin at the end of the day.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price for the Auto Glide ranges from $49 to $110, and the Chameleon ranges from $270 to $460. Cases can be bought separately.

Marshalltown Co. - Shockwave
Marshalltown Co. has released a new vibratory screed, the Shockwave, that is ideal for both wet screeding and strike-off work.

Key features include a 4-stroke Honda engine, fully adjustable handlebars and grips, excellent vibration dampening, and an on-board tachometer and hour meter. In addition, the Shockwave has a fully enclosed cover that keeps the eccentric weight free of concrete splatter and buildup and an aluminum blade that includes a curl edge to keep concrete rolling forward.

For the contractor: The Shockwave has blades available from 4 feet to 16 feet long, making it ideal for any size job. It is also lightweight, with the power unit weighing 32.2 pounds.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price for the screed power unit is $1,807. Blade prices range from $370 to $1,090, depending on the size.

Slip Industries - Concrete Straightedge with HandHoles
This straightedge from Slip Industries features tapered ends and hand holes for light screen work. It comes as a 1-inch by 3-inch straightedge with lengths ranging from 4 feet to 12 feet.

For the contractor: This straightedge is lightweight and the hand holes are very easy to use. Many contractors use this straightedge when working with mechanical screeds that require edge cleanup or in residential usage when going around pipes or under an obstacle.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price ranges from $127 to $187, depending on size.

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Twintools Development - Edging tool and Field tool
Twintools Development has created two new finishing tools, the Edging tool and the Field tool. The Edger, which is 6 inches by 11 inches,can be pushed or pulled through freshly poured concrete to create a border. The Field tool can be used to create patterns, also by pushing or pulling it through fresh poured concrete. They are made of metal and are powder-coated.

For the contractor: In addition to their decorative use, the Edging and Field tools also help direct water drainage. They attach easily to any pole handle.

For the store owner: The Edging tool retails for $28.95, and the Field tool retails for $32.95.