Key Sundries: Measuring Tools

Lignomat - RH BluePeg System
Lignomat offers The RH BluePeg System, which measures the moisture of concrete slabs with relative-humidity in-depth probes. The system, which offers the choice of three different meters, allows for quick multiple readings. The sensors are small enough to disappear below the surface of the slab and are covered by a protective cap between readings. Once the test has been completed, the sensors can be removed from the sleeve for reuse.

For the contractor: Available meters include the Ligno-Tec RH, Ligno-DuoTech BW and Ligno-VersaTec. All meters have a meter for relative humidity, temperature and dew point, and each conforms to ASTM F2170-02 standards. Each package includes a meter, cable, adaptor, sensor, and 10 sleeves. Instruments come in hard-shell cases.

For the store owner: Lignomat's dealer program includes all three meters, which are available for a discounted price for dealers. The systems are also suitable for renting out to customers, since many inspectors and contractors need the equipment only sporadically. Call (800) 227-2105 for more information.

Taylor Tools - Calcium Chloride
Moisture Test Kit The Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kit from Taylor Tools accurately measures the amount of moisture (in pounds) coming through a concrete slab over a 1,000-square-foot area during a 24-hour period. The pH Test Kit, included in the Calcium Chloride Test Kit, measures the alkalinity of the concrete, as does the optional PH100 pH Meter.

For the contractor: Each Calcium Chloride Moisture Test Kit contains: a preweighed plastic jar with airtight snap lid containing anhydrous calcium chloride; a transparent plastic cover to secure the plastic cover to the floor in an airtight fashion; a self-addressed pouch to mail your sample to Taylor Tools if you would like them to do the analysis or confirm your findings; a 1-ounce bottle of pH Balanced Testing Fluid; two pH test strips sealed in a foil pouch; and instructions.

For the store owner: For more information, call (303) 371-7667

Wagner Electronics - Rapid RH
The Rapid RH sensor tool offers a fast, accurate relative humidity test for concrete slabs. It makes testing concrete slabs faster, simpler and more precise.

For the contractor: The Rapid RH allows contractors to conduct moisture tests 10 times faster than other methods, and it easily complies with ASTM F2170 with no need for ongoing calibration.

For the store owner: Contact Ron Smith at (541) 582-0541 or via e-mail at