New Products: Hot new releases that are turning heads

New to the Lavina line
Superabrasive Inc. has introduced three products to the Lavina SPS line of chemicals.

Lavina SPS Premium Densifier enables diamonds to grind at their highest potential. The patented formulation penetrates and reacts quickly to produce better initial and ultimate hardness. It also provides better abrasion resistance than conventional hardeners and produces fast surface gloss, which improves with traffic and maintenance. With an easy one-step application process, SPS Premium Densifier may be applied to broom-finished, steel-troweled, power-troweled or burnished concrete floors. It cures quickly - most floors can be opened to traffic within one hour of treatment. Treated surfaces are easy to maintain and require no waxing. Lavina SPS Glow is a gloss-enhancing, micro-impregnating, lithium silicate concrete hardener and sealer. In combination with Superabrasive diamonds, Lavina SPS Glow produces an ultra-high-gloss finish on any floor. Lavina SPS Klean is a cleaner that contains lithium silicate. It keeps concrete floors and countertops looking and performing their best. Suggested retail price: Lavina SPS Densifer, $204.68 for 5 gallons; Lavina Glow, $343.43 for 5 gallons; Lavina Klean, $97.28 for 5 gallons. To order: Contact Mark Elliot, concrete products manager for Superabrasive, at (800) 987-8403, ext. 106.

(800) 987-8403

Portable vacuum from Ruwac
Ruwac has introduced the durable, fully portable, dual-motor Little Red WNS 2220 vacuum for the concrete industry. The Little Red WNS 2220 offers the concrete industry a three-year filter guarantee and lifetime vacuum housing guarantee.

Ruwac's most compact machine, Little Red is easy to use for picking up both concrete chips and fine powders, and it can be adapted for use with grinders, scarifiers, polishing equipment, shotblasters, tuck pointers, preseparation systems or point-of-source extraction systems, or in general maintenance.

Little Red is easily maneuverable and capable of moving 200 cfm. Little Red's oversized, long-lasting MicroClean filter is 99.9 percent efficient at 0.5 microns, allowing large quantities of fine material to be collected without loss of suction, and is HEPA-ready for absolute filtration. Loose debris is dropped out of the filter with a newly redesigned, maintenance-free filtration system, extending filter life and reducing downtime. A large drop-down dustpan is foot-lever actuated for easy and dust-free waste removal. The compression-cast composite fiberglass housing will never dent or rust, and a tip-proof design allows for maximum longevity.

Suggested retail price: $2,150
To order: Call (413) 532-4030

Oil stain remover released
Supreme Chemicals has released an oil stain remover. Oil Grabber is a citrus-based product that absorbs and lifts embedded oil stains (no scrubbing needed) as it dries from liquid to powder. It also removes stains left by antifreeze, brake fluid, cooking oils, diesel fluid, grease, hydraulic fluid, tar, transmission fluid, tree sap and wax.

Unlike conventional degreasers, Oil Grabber is first absorbed into the substrate, then pulls the stains out as it dries into a powder, which can then be brushed from the surface. It will even remove old stains. It is ideal for driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways and factory floors. While the main application for Oil Grabber is use on concrete, it can also be used on asphalt, masonry, wood, and composite decks.

Suggested retail price: $12.99 for 32 ounces
To order: Call (800) 466-7126 or e-mail

A new diamond abrasion system
The Malish Corp. has introduced Diamabrush, a unique diamond abrasive floor-preparation system for concrete floor polishing, mastic removal and hardwood prep.

The Diamabrush System is comprised of different tools, each designed to be used on standard low-pressure commercial cleaning machines. They include single discs, walk-behind autoscrubbers and ride-on autoscrubbers.

For preparing a concrete floor for epoxy recoating, the Diamabrush System offers a 25-grit spring metal tool. This brush flexes to hit the highs and lows of the epoxy floor to scarify and prep the epoxy for a recoat.

For concrete polishing, the Diamabrush System offers a six-tool system to grind and hone trawled concrete floors: 100-grit metal, 100-grit polymer, 200-grit polymer, 400-grit polymer, 1,000-grit polymer and 2,000-grit polymer.

Color packets for resurfacer systems
H&C Concrete Coatings now provides a full complement of easy-to-use color packets for its resurfacer texture systems. Users can choose from more than 30 colors that can end up on almost any type of vertical or horizontal concrete surface - whether the project is old or new.

The vibrant colors complement H&C Concrete's Resurfacer Instant and Resurfacer Heavy Traffic Texture Systems, which add texture to concrete flatwork and leave a durable, decorative finish that enhances interior or exterior hardscapes.

(800) 867-8246

New Stonblend system ideal for commercial applications
Stonhard's new Stonblend GSI-G epoxy mortar flooring system is ideal for projects in healthcare, education, retail and public settings.

Recycled brown, green and blue glass chips are blended together with color-coated aggregate to create a terrazzo-like appearance. Stonblend GSI-G has a low-gloss finish and is extremely easy to maintain. It's offered in six standard colors, and custom variations are also available.

This system offers a new option in floor design, a commitment to environmentally conscious standards, and Stonhard's promise of durability and wearability.

(800) 257-7953

New wall coatings from Stonhard
Stonhard has expanded its product line with two new options for wall coatings.

The Stonglaze VSF wall system integrates decorative flakes and high-performance topcoats, providing a durable system with entirely new design options. VSF's glossy finish is long-lasting, easy to clean, meets tight installation schedules, and is an effective solution for healthcare, pharmaceutical, education, manufacturing and retail settings. Eight completely new color options have been developed for this system.

Stonglaze VSI is an epoxy wall system designed for application over drywall that incorporates glass microfiber additives for increased resistance to cracking, chipping and punctures. The result is a smooth, durable, tile-like finish that is suitable for a multitude of environments, including healthcare, education, pharmaceutical and food processing.

Both the VSI and VSF systems are available in a wide array of colors and blends, with custom colors available.

UV lamp series introduced
The Maxima ML-3500 Series of ultraviolet lamps from Spectronics Corp. use advanced microdischarge light technology, plus a unique filter and bulb/reflector, to deliver up to 10 times the UVA output of conventional HID inspection lamps. With the three lamps in this series - the ML-3500S, ML-3500D and ML-3500FL - NDT inspectors can see small surface defects, hydrocarbon contamination and other flaws that escape less powerful lamps.

Maxima Series lamps are available in 120-volt, 230-volt, 240-volt and 100-volt AC versions as well as battery-operated versions that come with a battery. An instant on/off/restrike feature eliminates lamp warm-up and reduces inspection time. The lamps produce virtually zero hazardous UVB emissions and emit minimum visible light.

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A touch-up gun from DeVilbiss
DeVilbiss has introduced the Compact MINI touch-up gun. The MINI is a gravity spray gun with many practical uses, including fine shading, retouching, stenciling, spot repair and reworking.

A fine-finish spray gun, the Compact MINI incorporates sensitive fan control into the comfort of a full-sized gun. This spray gun has the pattern range and versatility needed for top-quality fine finishing, including touch-up applications. Available with HVLP or Trans-Tech air cap technologies, the Compact MINI is suitable for solvent and water-based paints as well as stains and varnishes, inks and dyes, and lacquers. Features include anodized, forged aluminum bodies, stainless steel fluid tips and needles, nickel-plated brass knobs, balanced air valve design, and an antistatic plastic cup with threaded lid.

(800) 992-4657


Flake broadcast gun from Kraft Tool
Kraft Tool Co. has introduced a simple and efficient alternative to inconsistent hand-thrown distribution of vinyl colored flakes with the PC801 Broadcast Gun & Hopper.

The traditional practice of hand-throwing chips is quick and easy. However, this method can leave clumps of too many chips and areas with too little color. With the PC801, simply attach the quick coupler to an air hose and compressor that produces around 15 psi, and you are ready to broadcast decorative vinyl color chips evenly, efficiently and under your complete control. With the variable psi setting, you can easily broadcast chips over 20 feet or reduce the psi for a natural floating of chips onto the surface. The broadcast gun will result in a fast, efficient and sharp-looking design as well as a significant reduction in chip usage.

(800) 422-2448

Concentrated cleaning power
Prosoco Inc.'s new Consolideck LSKlean Super Concentrate packs hundreds of square feet of concrete-floor cleaning power into each ounce of easy-to-mix blue liquid. This makes LSKlean Super Concentrate economical to transport and saves valuable shelf and storage space. It also minimizes disposal costs for empty containers.

The new super-concentrate version of Prosoco's popular maintenance floor cleaner is available in container sizes from 5 gallons to four-ounce "pillow-pack" PAX containers. With the PAX containers, simply dump the fluid into a bucket or autoscrubber with 5 gallons of fresh water and a quick stir, and you're ready to take on hundreds or thousands of square feet of finished concrete floor.

LSKlean contains lithium silicate. Its specialized blend of degreasers and detergents removes most common soiling found on concrete floors. It's ideal for concrete floors everywhere, from steel-troweled warehouse and manufacturing plant floors to burnished and highly polished floors in schools, stores, hospitals and restaurants.

Though LSKlean Super Concentrate is specifically designed for lithium-silicate hardened/densified floors, it brings its cleaning and hardening benefits to untreated concrete floors as well. It was made for regular maintenance cleaning, but it is also perfect for light restoration cleaning of old concrete floors.

New barrier from Sto
Sto Corp. has introduced StoGuard RapidSeal, a one-component air barrier and waterproof material used to protect rough openings and for transition detailing in above-grade wall construction. Benefits of StoGuard RapidSeal include fast cure time, the ability to be installed even in near-freezing temperatures, and low VOC emissions. It is a high-build, tough, resilient surface with excellent elongation and water-vapor permeability. StoGuard RapidSeal is compatible with most urethane and silicone sealants and coatings.

(800) 221-2397

UV lamp from Spectronics Corp. improved
Spectronics Corp. has recently unveiled its improved Spectroline BIB-150P UV lamp - a high-intensity self-ballasted unit. It's ideal for nondestructive testing, quality control, leak detection, UV curing and many other industrial applications. The hand-held BIB-150P lamp has been improved by replacing the previous housing's metal with an engineering polymer that is dent-proof, impact-resistant and withstands rugged use. In addition, a 150-watt built-in ballast bulb eliminates the need for a heavy, bulky external transformer. The total weight of the BIB-150P lamp is only 3 1/4 pounds. A contoured handle stays cool and is ergonomically designed for better balance. An improved, crack-resistant filter reduces visible light while maximizing long-wave UV irradiance. A heat guard and stand protect the user against burns.

(800) 274-8888

PosiGrip dipped gloves introduced
West Chester Holdings expanded its PosiGrip line with dipped gloves for industrial and commercial applications. Combining the comfort of a nylon or poly/cotton base material with the functionality of a dipped glove, these new gloves provide extra grip on wet or oily materials and better surface adhesion on dry applications. Application-specific design variations include varying dipped coverage areas of palm. Also, differing dip materials allow users to choose from different levels of chemical and solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, durability and more.

New lasers from Leica Geosystems
Leica Geosystems has extended its range of rugged lasers with the new Leica Rugby 260SG, 270SG and 280DG series of midrange general construction lasers.

The Leica Rugby 260SG, 270SG and 280DG lasers offer contractors a choice of features and functionalities for virtually any application, from simple flatwork to complex dual grades and vertical control. Each laser is equipped with a large LCD display, an easy-to-use keypad and a two-year knockdown warranty.

The Leica Rugby 260SG is a self-leveling horizontal laser with semiautomatic single grade. It combines all of the features of the Rugby flat plane lasers plus up to 10 percent semiautomatic single grade with digital readout. It features a visible red-beam laser with a working range of up to 2,000 feet in diameter.

The Leica Rugby 270SG is a fully automatic single-grade laser that features fully automatic leveling even at grade, head speed control, beam masking and an extended working range of up to 2,350 feet in diameter.

Finally, the Leica Rugby 280DG is a horizontal-vertical dual-grade laser for both exterior and interior applications. Features include a bright red beam, plumb beam, scan mode, horizontal and vertical self-leveling, and dual-grade capability of up to 15 percent along both axes.