Tools of the Trade: Stamps and Texture Mats



Butterfield Color - Most popular stamps of 2009

Butterfield Color's most popular stamps for 2009 were the Fox Valley Flagstone, 6-inch Wood Plank, Octagon Stone and Garden Path. Butterfield Color stamping tools produce extremely realistic and natural-looking installations while reducing touch-up time and increasing production capabilities.

For the contractor: Butterfield Color stamping tools are designed to minimize repetition, surface cracking and blowouts along grout lines.

For the store owner: For more information, contact a sales manager at

(800) 282-3388

Matcrete - Slate Cobblestone Circle
Matcrete's Slate Cobblestone Circle produces an imprinted cobblestone circle of up to 19 feet in diameter.

For the contractor: Created using natural cobblestones, the Slate Cobblestone Circle series is available in four different sections capable of building a cobblestone showpiece with a 2-foot radius, a 4.5-foot radius, a 7-foot radius, and a 9.5-foot radius.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price is $165 to $198.


Pacific Concrete Forms - Border stamps
Pacific Concrete Forms offers a line of border stamps. Current designs include turtles, butterflies, koi and grapevines. This tool can be used straight or on broad curves.

For the contractor: Two different styles of each design are available, and lengths range from 43 inches to 49 inches depending on the model.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price for each stamp is $99.95. For more information, call (949) 581-0270.

Proline Concrete Tools Inc. - Radial Stamp
Proline Concrete Tools Inc. is introducing a revolutionary new design in concrete stamps at World of Concrete 2010: the Radial Stamp.

Proline's new radial stamp set can create circles of practically infinite dimensions with one affordable set of tools. What's more, the new set can create a serpentine cobble, a straight cobble and other designs.

For the contractor: The Radial Stamp set consists of a center tool, a corner tool, and an option of either a half-size, full-size, or double-size tool to complete the remainder of the circle. Each piece is sold separately.

For the store owner: Suggested retail price for the tools ranges from $104 for the half-size tool to $354 for the center tool. For more information, contact (800) 795-4750.

StampMaster/Creative Urethane Concepts Inc. - TexFlex Skins
The StampMaster line of concrete texturing mats, from Creative Urethane Concepts Inc., includes a line of seamless concrete texturing skins. TexFlex Skins combine the rigid durability of a standard seamless texture skin with the flexibility of a "floppy" mat.

TexFlex Skins are available in a variety of textures, including Oxford Stone, Roman Slate, Cracked Earth and Vegas Stone.

For the contractor: The center of the mat is made from a high-density, durable urethane, while the outer ring is created from a more flexible, lower-density urethane. These two components are fused together seamlessly, so the texture is not altered. The varying flexural strengths provide contractors with more workability and a more affordable option for their concrete texturing needs.

For the store owner: Two sizes of these stamps are available. The 24-inch by 24-inch size retails for $69.99, and the 36-inch by 36-inch size retails for $129.99. They can be shipped in flat boxes or rolled and wrapped in plastic. For more information, contact Robert Cranford at (888) 901-6287.